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About My Understanding of Art

Art influences our perception, creates atmosphere, and opens new perspectives. This applies to all types and forms of art. Art can be experienced by focusing the senses and letting the impressions affect you.

An artist is someone who manages to express their feelings and visions, regardless of the medium they choose. If this reaches the perception and emotions of the recipient, something of artistic value has been created.

About Me

Born in 1974 in Mannheim, I discovered painting as a medium for myself several years ago. Only after a very formative event in my life, and nearly at the age of 40, was I able to express those feelings and visions in my paintings that elevate a picture to a work of art. My abstract depictions of people, particularly women, are meant to stimulate the imagination and show the inner beauty of individuals without focusing too much on perfection.

In my paintings, I create a place where one can absorb all one's own secrets and desires, all unspoken words. A place where all uncommitted acts, every guarded regret, the unshared tears, every suppressed smile, and all unexpressed joys emerge and are reflected in the colors.

The main theme of my art is the female portrait. My portraits are not intended to depict a person realistically. I paint the personality, the emotions, and the secret desires of the individual.

I am at the beginning of an artistic journey, a journey without a predetermined destination, a journey with many stops and varied experiences. I look forward to expressing and capturing these impressions with my own technique in visual feelings or felt images. And I am excited about the people who will accompany me on this journey and share in it.

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